Non-Traditional Students

Students who are twenty-one years of age or older or non-degree seeking may receive conditional admission to the University (if they do not qualify for unconditional admission). Such students are exempted from the PCC requirements and not required to do remedial course work. In addition, such students may obtain University credit hours through Academic Unit Challenge Examinations or by satisfactory performance on the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests. Students  admitted  without  an  ACT  or  SAT-I  score should refer to Academic Policies (Policy Library).

If you have not attended high school for more than five years, are over the age of 25 with a GED or High School diploma and have no post-secondary education credits, are a military veteran, or are over the age of 25 and   have   not   completed   sufficient   hours   to   be considered a transfer student, you will be applying as a freshman   student   and   will   need   to   complete   an application.*

We do not require letters of recommendation from high school teachers or counselors for those students who have been out of high school for five or more years. However, you are free to submit letters from a teacher or counselor, or from a qualified contact who can assess your potential as an undergraduate student.

If you took the SAT or ACT in high school, have the scores sent directly from the testing agency to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. If you did not take the SAT or ACT tests while in high school, we do not require the scores for admission to the university. However, if you declare a major that requires ACT or SAT scores, you will need to take the exam(s).

Your high school must send all official high school transcripts (or official GED results, if applicable) to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Official transcripts must be sent from each high school that you attended.

Non-traditional  students  may  be  required  to  take certain placement exams in order to determine accurate course placement.  If you took 24 semester credit hours or more of college course work after high school, you will have to apply as a transfer student. If you took up to 24 semester credit hours of college course work after high school, you must submit a transcript of this work to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

A non-traditional student must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 for the first 24 semester credit hours.  If the minimum GPA of 2.0 is not maintained, an ACT or SAT exam will be required.

Placement Testing

The Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education has established college readiness standards for all incoming freshmen and transfer students with fewer than 24 semester credit hours. Failure to meet one of these standards constitutes a deficiency.

Non-Traditional Students who are admitted without an  ACT  or  SAT  score  will  be  required  to  take  a placement test in reading, English and mathematics. Placement tests must be taken prior to registration in any course at KSU. The university will accept the Compass exam results or the KYOTE exam results for placement testing.  The following chart will be used to determine the placement of a Non-Traditional Student in coursework:

Readiness Score Area ACT Score SAT Score COMPASS KYOTE
English 18 or higher Writing
430 or higher
74 or higher
6 or higher
Reading Reading
20 or higher
Critical Reading
470 or higher
85 or higher
20 or higher
(General Education, Liberal Arts Courses)
19 or higher
460 or higher
Algebra Domain
36 or higher
College Readiness Mathematics
22 or higher
(College Algebra)
22 or higher
510 or higher
Algebra Domain
50 or higher
College Algebra
14 or higher
27 or higher
610 or higher
NA Calculus TBA

Students with an academic deficiency are required to enroll in all necessary developmental courses during their first two semesters at KSU. Developmental courses do not contribute to the credits required for graduation and will not be calculated in the GPA. If KSU does not offer the equivalent developmental course online, the student has the following choices:

  1. Take developmental class(es) at any regionally accredited  community  college  or  university and earn a grade of C or better.
  2. Take  ACT  or  SAT  and  make  the  requisite score(s) for placement.

*If you think that you qualify as a non-traditional student for other reasons, please consult the Office of the University Registrar at Kentucky State University.