Residence Life forms

The University provides housing for students who wish to live on campus.  Most full-time undergraduate students live in the University’s residence halls.  All full-time freshmen and sophomore students, except veterans of at least two years’ active military service, students who commute from their parents’ or legal guardians’ homes, married students, or students 21 years of age or older, are required to live in campus housing.  Residence halls vary in size and architectural style, and they provide double-room accommodations in most instances.  A limited number of single rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

An obvious advantage of the residence halls is their proximity to classroom buildings, the library, cafeteria, Student Center, gymnasium, and health center.  Students in the residence halls have access to television lounges, game rooms, kitchen and laundry facilities, vending services, and telephones.  Laptop computers are available for students to check out on a 24-hour basis in each of the residence halls.  All the residences are professionally staffed by Resident Hall Managers.

Meals are provided at the Underwood Cafeteria in the Student Center.  The Office of Residence Life oversees the operation of all University-owned and operated housing facilities for students and coordinates all programs, services, and activities associated with these facilities.  The Office encourages personal development through in-hall programs, academic and social activities, and is responsible for ensuring that students have an atmosphere conducive to studying.  Students are encouraged and supported to assume responsibilities that foster growth away from home.  The Office of Residence Life ensures that the physical condition of the residence halls is maintained at an optimal level and that opportunities are provided for social interaction in the residence halls.

Security of all Residence halls is a priority.  All exterior doors in the Residence halls are locked 24hrs-a-day, 7 days a week.  Upon entering any residence hall on campus all students and staff must have proper identification.

Applications for rooms in the residence halls are received at any time; however, applications are processed only after students have been officially admitted to the University.  Requests for room reservations should be addressed to the Housing Office.

Each student desiring to reside in university housing will be required to sign a Kentucky State University Two policy provider.

Semester Residence Hall Contract and pay a Housing Reservation Fee of $310.   All fees must be paid in the form of cash (PLEASE DO NOT MAIL CASH), certified check, cashier’s check, money order, personal check, or major credit card to:

Kentucky State University
Office of Residence Life
400 East Main Street
Academic Services Building, Room 317
Frankfort, KY 40601

Please remember, Housing reservation fees are non-refundable.  Every effort will be made to honor an applicant’s preference of residence hall and roommate assignment; however, a particular room is not guaranteed.

Assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis according to the date the deposit is received.  Each student will be required to sign a University Residence Hall Contract, which sets forth the conditions for student housing.

Semester room charges must be paid per two semesters during the regular academic year.  Summer session room fees are due at the beginning of the summer term.  All fees and expenses are payable in accordance with the fee-payment schedule in the Student Expenses section of this Bulletin.


Any room and board refund eligibility is determined by the agreement set forth in the housing contract.  The schedule and amount of eligible room and board refunds is governed by the University Tuition and Fee Refund Policy for each semester.


Students are expected to care for their rooms and to keep them clean and orderly.  Kentucky State University attempts to make it possible for students to enjoy good living conditions; therefore, it expects those who occupy rooms in the residence halls to keep them in good condition.  Students will be charged for any damage to University property.


The University requires each resident to pay $60 annually for a Theft, Fire, Natural Disaster and Accidental Damage insurance policy.  Kentucky State University shall not be responsible for any resident student’s loss of property, theft of property, or damage of property.  Students will be responsible for filing the appropriate claims through the insurance.