Graduate Admission

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Kentucky State University offers programs of study that lead to six Masters Degrees:  the Master of Science in Aquaculture/Aquatic Sciences, the Master of Business Administration, the Master of Science in Computer Science, the Master of Public Administration, and the Master of Arts in Special Education with Certification (LBD).  Kentucky State University strives to maintain the highest quality graduate programs and excellence among graduate faculty.  The Graduate Programs at Kentucky State University seek to recruit students of high potential, readiness, and motivation for success in graduate  studies and following  graduation, continued professional accomplishment.

Office of Graduate Studies

The Office of Graduate Studies facilitates the development  and  improvement  of  graduate  programs and supports student success and progress toward graduation.  The Office oversees graduate admissions. The Director of Graduate Studies serves as advisor to the Graduate Student Association.  The primary goals of the Director of Graduate Studies are graduate program success and graduate student success.   These are to be achieved through the Office of Graduate Studies with the support and aid of the Graduate Council and the Graduate Faculty.

Graduate Council

The Graduate Council develops and monitors policies relating the graduate programs, graduate students, and graduate  faculty.    The  Director  of  Graduate  Studies chairs the Graduate Council.   The Council serves to inform and advise the Director of Graduate Studies in pursuit of the Director’s duties in graduate admissions, program  review,  graduate  student  concerns,  and graduate faculty concerns.   The Graduate Council is composed of representatives from each of the graduate programs and of the graduate faculty.  The Graduate Council appoints graduate faculty from among faculty with significant teaching, research, and professional accomplishment.