Placement Tests

Students admitted to Kentucky State University receive their initial placement in mathematics courses based on ACT/SAT scores. Students scoring below 19 on the math section of the ACT or below 460 on the math section of the SAT must take the Mathematics Placement Exam to ensure correct placement. Students with math ACT/SAT scores of 19/460 or above who want to improve their placement will have the opportunity to take the Mathematics Placement Exam.  Initial placement in English and Reading courses is based on ACT/SAT subscores.

Mathematics Placement based on ACT/SAT sub-scores

Depending on the major, students will be placed in one of the following mathematics pathways.

Mathematics Placement Criteria for Majors that Require College Algebra (MAT 115)

The following majors require College Algebra (MAT 115 or MAT 115A):

  • Agriculture, Food & Environment Business (all options)
  • Biology (all options)
  • Business (all options)
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science (all options)
  • Elementary Education
  • Mathematics (all options)
  • Nursing
  • Psychology
ACT Math Score SAT Math Score Placement Math Course Name Course Code
15 - 18 350 - 450 Algebraic Concepts MAT 101
19 - 21 460 - 500 Accelerated College Algebra MAT 115A
22 - 24 510 to 560 College Algebra MAT 115
25 - 26 570 to 600 Precalculus or Business Calculus and Matrices MAT 120 or MAT 125
27 or higher Above 600 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I MAT 131

Mathematics Placement Criteria for Majors that DO NOT Require College Algebra (MAT 115) or Accelerated College Algebra (MAT 115A)

Students that have chosen a major in which College Algebra is not required should be placed as follows:

ACT Math Score SAT Math Score Placement Math Course Name Course Number
15 or higher 350 or above Contemporary Mathematics MAT 111

Good Housekeeping Notes to Remember

  • Any transfer student who does not have appropriate ACT/SAT scores or has not successfully completed appropriate courses prior to enrollment must take the placement test.
  • Students with an ACT Math Score of less than 19 who want to improve their placement will have the opportunity to take the placement test.
  • MAT 101 is the pre-requisite for MAT 115A.
  • MAT 111 is not a pre-requisite for MAT 115 or MAT 115A.

Additional Placement Test Information

A music placement test is required of all entering music majors.  Foreign language proficiency examinations are available to those who seek advanced placement in or exemption from the foreign language requirements.  The University requires a proficiency level in a foreign language equal to that which the student would have achieved after taking two semesters of language at the 101/102 levels.  Students who have completed language training at the high school level may satisfy all or part of the foreign language requirement through the Advanced Placement Program (described elsewhere in this Bulletin) or through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP – contact the Testing Office) (see Bulletin section, Division of Literature, Languages, and Philosophy, for more information).  Any entering freshmen who have taken a foreign language for three years in high school and passed with a grade of C or better may not enroll in a 101 or 102 level of the same foreign language without taking a Placement Exam to determine level of competency.  Such students may choose, however, to take a 101 level of a foreign language other than those studied in high school.  Exemptions are students who have been out of high school at least five years.