Academics With Attitude

Kentucky State University embarked on a pilot program beginning with the fall 2008 semester to work with students entering the University with academic disadvantages. This program is designed to create small groups of 15-18 students in living/learning communities that will extend through their sophomore year. These students share classes, supplemental instruction, advisors, living locations, and other services. The University has been grouping students using block scheduling for several years; this is a natural extension of this practice. Sixty students participated in the initial pilot; eventually, the majority of students entering with major developmental needs will be residents of this program. Faculty and staff will be comprehensively trained to help meet the academic, developmental, and social needs of these students. University Orientation (UNV 101) serves as the hub for each living/learning group in the pilot program, and the course’s instructor serves as the advisor to each student within the group. Students interested in exploring this exciting learning opportunity are encouraged to contact the director for this program. The genesis of this innovative approach to developmental education is the University’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) which is part of the institution’s ten-year accreditation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, our regional accrediting body.