Health Education

Course descriptions are listed alphabetically by subject prefix.  Each course description begins with a three letter subject prefix followed by a three – digit course number and the course title. The number on the right of each course description gives the semester credit hours for that course. If a course includes laboratory or other special activities, that information is contained in the course description.  Prerequisites are also listed. A prerequisite is a course, experience, or other required preparation that must be completed before the student is permitted to enroll in the course.

Subject Prefix and Course Number Course Name Semester Credit Hours Course Description Cross Listed Course Prerequisite
HED 107 First Aid and Safety 2 Designed to prepare students to provide immediate
and temporary care in emergency situations, including
accidents or sudden illnesses. Open to all students.
Not Applicable Not Applicable
HED 221 Personal Health and Lifetime Fitness 2 An introduction to the beneficial effects of a positive
healthy life-style and methods to implement and live
such a life-style.
Not Applicable Not Applicable
HED 222 Personal Health and Lifetime Fitness II 2 A continuation of HED 221.
Emphasis will be placed on the application of content
relevant to health behaviors associated with the use of
drugs, alcohol, tobacco, human sexuality, marriage and the family environment.
Not Applicable HED 221
HED 223 Principles of Health
3 A study of the foundations
and principles of health, including physical, mental,
social, emotional, and environmental aspects of health.
Not Applicable HED 221
HED 305 Safety Education 3 Focus on the rules and functions of health education
in developing and maintaining a safe and healthful
Not Applicable Not Applicable
HED 321 Community Health 3 An analysis of
current health problems from both school and community
Not Applicable HED 223 and PSY 200
HED 326 Epidemiology 3 Current concepts of disease
etiology and control as applied to the most prevalent
communicable and chronic diseases that affect mankind.
Not Applicable HED 221
HED 371 Introduction to
Public Health
3 A
survey course that develops an understanding and appreciation
for factors affecting health status and its
contribution to individual and community health.
PUA 371, SOW 371 HED 221 or consent of instructor