Africana Studies

Course descriptions are listed alphabetically by subject prefix.  Each course description begins with a three letter subject prefix followed by a three – digit course number and the course title.  The number on the right of each course description gives the semester credit hours for that course. If a course includes laboratory or other special activities, that information is contained in the course description.  Prerequisites are also listed.  A prerequisite is a course, experience, or other required preparation that must be completed before the student is permitted to enroll in the course.

Subject Prefix and Course Number Course Name Semester Credit Hours Course Description Cross Listed Course Prerequisite
ASP 101 The Black Experience in America 3 A survey of black people from freedom in Africa to enslavement in the United States, specifically examining enslaved and free black communities in colonial and antebellum era. Not Applicable Not Applicable
ASP 102 Introduction to Africana Studies 3 This is an introductory survey course that examines the basic theoretical concepts used to analyze the global Black experience. Not Applicable ENG 102
ASP 201 Seminar in the American Black Experience
3 Seminar course that focuses on the transition of African Americans from enslavement to emancipation to citizenship in the modern and postmodern
Not Applicable ASP 101
ASP 202 Seminar in Africana Studies 3 This course is an expansion of ASP
102. Students will conduct research in specific topics of
interest related to the Africana experience.
Not Applicable ENG 102
ASP 301 Research Methods in Africana Studies 3 This course will provide students with conventional quantitative and qualitative research methods. Not Applicable ASP 102 and ASP 202; or consent of instructor
ASP 302 Readings in Black Women’s History 3 This course uses various primary sources to examine the contribution of black women to the literary canon and historiography of Western and non-Western societies. Not Applicable ASP 101 or consent of instructor
ASP 303 The American Civil Rights Movement 3 An investigation of the Civil Rights Movement
in the 20th century. Focus on the strategic and philosophical debates among the leadership, organizations, the role of government and citizens in shaping reform.
Not Applicable ASP 101 and ASP 301; or consent of
ASP 305 Africana Intellectual Thought 3 A seminar course which examines the political movements of African descendent people, inclusive of the
societal dynamics that provided the impetus and context for political struggle and cultural production.
Not Applicable ASP 102 and ASP 202 or consent of instructor
ASP 306 Economic Development in the Diaspora
3 This course examines the global political economic system and its impact on people of the African Diaspora. Not Applicable ASP 202 or consent of instructor
ASP 466 Special Topics in Africana Studies 3 A seminar for the analysis and discussion of special topics within the discipline of African studies. [May be repeated twice for credit.] Not Applicable Junior standing or consent of instructor
ASP 489 Field Work in the Black Community 3 Placement in a community based, international or local human service, non-governmental organization, or governmental agency or corporate organization. Not Applicable ASP 202 and ASP 303 or consent of
ASP 499 Senior Seminar in Africana Studies 3 This course is a capstone experience for graduating seniors. This seminar will integrate theory and research with practice. Not Applicable Senior status or consent of instructor