Social Work

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. The principal objectives of the Social Work program are to prepare undergraduate students for generalist/entry-level professional social work practice in public and private sectors, and to prepare students for continued professional growth including graduate social work education.   The   curriculum   utilizes   class   and   field instruction to develop and strengthen the processes, values, skills, and knowledge essential for alleviating problems  that impair  the  social  functioning  of individuals, families, groups, and communities.

Admission Requirements

The minimum criteria for enrollment in Social Work courses are consistent with University policies. Students are  eligible  for  formal  admission  to  the  Social  Work Program if they are currently enrolled in and in good standing at the University. When declaring Social Work as a major, the student must make formal application for admission into the program.

Students are required to submit a formal application to the program accompanied by two pages of handwritten autobiographical information. The application and guidelines for the   autobiographical sketch are available in the Division of Social Work and Criminal Justice. Applicants for admission are required to meet the following standards:

  • Have completed SOW 201 (Career Choices in the Human Service Professions), SOW 310 (Foundations of Social Work), or its equivalent with a grade of “C” or better;
  • Have  earned  a  2.2  cumulative  grade  point average or better; and
  • Have    demonstrated    competency    in    oral communication during an interview with Social Work faculty members.

Applications  are  reviewed  by  the  Social  Work Admissions Committee, and decisions are given to applicants in writing. Transfer students may be admitted under provisions of articulation agreements.

Applicants may be admitted provisionally with a cumulative grade point average of less than 2.2 in cases where the Committee concurs that there is demonstrated potential for academic success. However, minimum requirements for provisional admission include a grade of at least “C” in ENG 101 and a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0. It is expected that those who are admitted on a provisional basis will attain a 2.2 grade point average by the end of their first semester in the program.

Curriculum Guides

Curriculum guides are designed to help students stay on track for timely graduation.  In order to remain on track, students must complete the minimum requirements for each tracking semester, known as milestones.  Milestones may include successful completion of specified courses and/or attainment of a minimum GPA.

Following the sample academic plan and its milestones will help students stay on track to graduate in four years. Students will need to refer to and/or print both the appropriate Liberal Studies Requirements AND the appropriate major sheet in order to view the complete degree program requirements.

Program Requirements

To satisfy the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work, students must complete a minimum of 126 semester credit hours. The required courses include 53 semester hours of Liberal Study courses,  55  semester  credit  hours  of  Social  Work courses; 6 semester credit hours of Sociology courses; 6 semester credit hours of support courses; and 6 semester credit hours of free electives. Students must consult with their advisor to plan the most appropriate sequence of study.

The required courses in Social Work are SOW 201, 306, 307, 308, 310, 314, 315, 321, 322, 422, 423, 424, 425, 433, 434; and a GNT elective. Sociology requirements include SOC 203 or 205, 304, 305, or 403. ECO 201 is also required as a support course.

Dismissal Procedures

Students may be dismissed from the Social Work Program at any time based upon one or both of the following:

  • Unsatisfactory academic progress;
  • Disciplinary action by the Division against the student because of conduct that would indicate character weaknesses of such nature as to make the student unfit for the    Social Work profession.