Student Services

Once admitted to Kentucky State University, students in online programs have access to the same support services as on campus students. This includes Microsoft 365 email, an online registration system, student financial aid, Smarthinking online tutoring services 24 hours a day, 7-days a week (access through Blackboard); an online bookstore, an online course management system, an online library, and an online tuition payment system.

Test Proctoring

Kentucky State University has been designed to enhance the academic integrity of online courses by providing students and faculty with an easy proctor system. The online proctoring system is available for students who are taking online courses at any location. This process will help students to easily access proctoring services, leveling the playing field for students to demonstrate acquired knowledge and skills.

Student Responsibilities

Black male student in front of computer screen iStock photo The student is responsible for all course work assigned adhering to the expectations articulated in the course syllabus.  Students are encouraged to actively communicate with their professors to supporting their learning engagement and pathway to graduation.  

Faculty Responsibilities

The faculty is responsible for informing their students about the proctoring services utilized in the course.  The information may be shared on the syllabus or through a brief orientation to the system.  Furthermore, the faculty is also responsible for providing any conditions of the proctoring location, which might include: the length of exam, computer requirements, or the need for additional monitoring is required. This communication is imperative to ensure students have ample time and relevant information to engage in the learning process. White women teaching on a computer monitor as a student watches iStock Photo

Disability Accommodations

Academic accommodations are available to all distance learning students, including students enrolled in online degree programs and non-degree seeking courses.

If you are a student in a distance learning course or program, please complete the following steps to register with the Disability Resource Center.

How to Register with the Disability Resource Center

  1. In order to request academic accommodations, students must provide documentation and schedule to speak with the Disability Resource Center Director. Since some accommodations require significant pre-planning, students are advised to being the intake process well in advance of the start of their first academic semester. Documentation can be found at the following site.
  2. Contact the Disability Resource Center for questions or to schedule an appointment. If you are a distance student who is unable to meet with a Disability Resource Center staff in Frankfort and who will not be in attendance on campus, please let the receptionist know that the appointment will need to be a phone intake appointment.
  3. Please ensure the following documents are provided to the Disability Resource Center in advance of your intake appointment. If disability documentation is not received by the time of your appointment, the appointment will be re-scheduled.

During the appointment, be prepared to discuss the impact of your disability on academics, your history of accommodations, and your potential accommodation needs.