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The importance of the development of knowledge and skills in financial and resource management cannot be understated. Limited-resource families, small and limited-resource farmers, minorities and others can benefit from educational programs designed to increase their skill and confidence in securing financial stability. Cooperative Extension personnel have the training and experience to assist individuals and families in better managing their financial situation through educational programs that are designed to reduce poverty and promote self-sufficiency. While no program can make an inadequate income adequate, educational efforts provide training and financial management strategies that work in households with low and volatile incomes and ultimately help families feel greater control over their financial situation. Both rural and urban low-income families face monumental challenges with regard to becoming financially stable, such as unemployment, underemployment, volatile incomes, credit and debt management, high cost credit (i.e. payday loans), poor consumer decision making processes, competing financial priorities, uncertainty due to the cost of health care and health insurance, and, very often, inadequate income and resources. Extension programs work with consumers to help them use best practices to move toward financial stability.